Thursday, March 29, 2012

My First Coffee-Mate Event!!

On Friday, March 23, 2012, Coffee-Mate hosted a Free Flavor Friday day. On this particular day, they had Coffee-Mate members on the streets of 5 different cities giving out 125,000 coupons for a FREE bottle of Coffee-Mate! If you didn't live near any of the cities, you were still in luck! On their website, they gave out 200,000 coupons for FREE Coffee-Mate! While there were a lot of frustrations when dealing with their website, it was a total success! :)

As a Brew Crew Member, I had the opportunity to host a Free Flavor Friday party! The party itself did not have to be held on Friday - just at some point over that weekend. That worked out PERFECTLY with the annual egg hunt my Mom has. I usually help her plan it closer to Easter, but she will be away over Easter this year, so we had to make a few weeks before hand. Everything turned out great! Even with the rain that we had, everyone had a wonderful time!

I wanted to share a few pictures from my first Coffee-Mate event!

Here are some of the Thank-You cards that Coffee-Mate provided for me to use for my party.

They were also kind enough to give me the napkins and cups, too!

A few of our party guests!

The littlest Coffee-Mate fan!
For those of you that are worried - he has an empty cup! He just wanted to be like everyone else! :)

Thank you very much for checking out my post!
-Lisa -- A member of the Coffee-Mate Brew Crew

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