Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mamatography - Week 10 - March 4 - 10

Mamatography for the week of March 4 through 10
Week 10

3/4 - Sunday - Little K was still pretty miserable thanks to the cold that he has. We just sort of hung out all day. We have these lollipops for him that say they naturally help little ones throats feel better.

3/5 - Monday - I made my Pulled Beef BBQ in the slow cooker. I took pictures to update my post on my recipe page. This is on of my favorite meals! Super easy! :)

3/6 - Tuesday - Little K and I were both sick. I realized today that he is getting pretty good at playing the DS. He mainly likes the songs that the game plays... but he sets it up so that he can listen now. He's pretty smart! ;)

3/7 - Wednesday - I had to go to the Dr today... I have an ear infection. :/ I hate being sick! Little K found one of my banana clips (yes... from the 80's!) and was trying to put it in his hair. I thought it was too cute! :)

3/8 - Thursday - Little K likes to play with things that aren't really toys. He has this old peanut butter jar that he normal puts toys in. Today, he tried to stand in it. Doesn't really seem like a good idea... but he thought it was!

3/9 - Friday - Still sick, but I had dentist appointment in the morning, and then my husband had one in the afternoon. I felt like I spent most of the day at the dentist! This is their kids table. I have always wanted one of these for my kids!

3/10 - Saturday - This is my hubby and Little K playing. We thought that I could get a good picture of the two of them, only Little K decided to try and pick Daddy's nose instead!! :)

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    1. Love the foot in the jar! I am sure that my mom still has one of my banana clips around somewhere too...

    2. Great photos! Must dig my DS out - haven't played it in ages!!

      1. Thanks! :) My boys love to play with them! I don't get to play with them very often because the kids are always on them! ;)

    3. Ah it's just not possible to be sick as a mother - there's no time.... Hope you feel better soon

      1. I know! It definitely makes life difficult! Thank you! I am starting to feel better. :)