Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mamatography - Week 9 - Feb 26 - Mar 3

Mamatography for the week of February 26 through March 3
Week 9

2/26 - Sunday - Big K left his note book on the floor, and Little K decided to read it. :)

 2/27 - Monday - Little K and I went grocery shopping... just the two of us today. We found some yummy kiwi's on sale. It was the first time he had tried any. He seemed to really like them.

2/28 - Tuesday - Today, I had to do my Glucola testing for gestational diabetes. This stuff tastes pretty close to orange soda (or at least how I remember orange soda tasting from when I was a kid!).

2/29 - Wednesday - Little K seems to think that the packages of wipes are the greatest toys! He empties the box, and brings the packages to me. Then, he takes them back, and puts them back in the case. It's really very cute. Today, he decided to put them in the secret compartment of his car. :)

3/1 - Thursday - I decided to make homemade chocolate chip cookies for the hubby. Little K wasn't feeling well, and didn't really nap, so he helped me. He likes to check the oven to make sure they are cooking nicely. :)

3/2 - Friday -
Little K had a well-baby visit this morning. He was to get one shot and was starting to get a cold. His appetite was not what it should be, but he did feel well enough to eat his brother's breakfast!

3/3 - Saturday -
Little K was pretty miserable on Saturday... I guess I forgot to take a picture. Ooops!

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  1. Hello Lisa! Those cookies look yummy! and what is it about Babies & wipes eh? Mine likes them too. I have to hide it from him coz he likes to not only play but also eat!

    1. Thanks! :) I don't know why they like the wipes so much! If mine can get them open, he shreds them! Hahaha

  2. Cute pictures! Now I want cookies!

  3. Lovely pictures! I haven't had kiwi's in AGGEESSS as they're so expensive in the UK, it kills me! I do feel like having one now though!

    1. Thank you! The kiwis were very good!! :)

  4. Ooooh, yummy kiwis and cookies! Lovely pictures once again, thanks for sharing :)