Monday, March 25, 2013

Life around here.....

I am so sorry that I have not made a single post for Mamatography 2013 yet. Please don't give up on me just yet! Life has been so crazy and hectic here, that I have not had a whole lot of time to do ... well... anything! My husband has been working 65 + hours a week (most weeks it's closer to 70-75!), and Big K has had a few health issues here lately. It started as Bronchitis, then moved to Asthmatic Bronchitis, and then turned into a trip to the ER. Spending 6 + hours in the ER with all 3 kids was not my idea of fun! My boys are super well behaved, BUT I thought I was just taking Big K to the family doctor and then to school, so I didn't have anything with me for the little two! I only had a few snacks, but I had NO diapers! I mean, who has kids in diapers and forgets to bring them?? This girl!
Big K had to see an allergy and asthma specialist. As it turns out, he has asthma. Not the typical kind of asthma where he wheezes and what-not, but the kind where he coughs... and coughs... and coughs.  We are pretty sure that he has been dealing with this for most of his life. We have finally figured out why he always seemed to be "sick" without actually being sick. We are not the type to give the kids medicine unless they absolutely need it. Breathing problems is one health issue I don't play around with! He is on a small handful of medications that all seem to be helping. The ER doctor had given him an inhaler to use as needed until we saw the specialist. Our family doctor told him to take it 4 times a day to help keep his airways open until we saw the specialist. That was a big help! Then, the specialist, gave him a second inhaler to take only at night time, along with some OTC allergy medicine and the combination has helped to not only clear out the remaining cough that he was dealing with at night time, but to also keep it away! I have only heard him a handful of times in the past week and a half! The specialist said that what most people don't know is that a lot of the time, it is an allergen causing the asthma. Big K tested positive to a few fall allergens... which makes sense since he gets sick every end of summer/fall/winter. He did not really enjoy the test, but he so happy to finally have some answers!
Little K has been fighting nap time. That has been super difficult on me. It seems Little K and Baby K want to sleep in shifts for nap time. There are days that Baby K will take a morning nap and then an afternoon nap. Those are very nice days for Momma! Little K is usually alright to stay up a little later and go down for his nap right before Baby K goes down for his afternoon nap. They may not nap very long, but it is definitely nice to have a little down time where I am not constantly chasing after someone!
Baby K is in the "cruising"stage now. He will use whatever he can get his cute little hands on to pull himself up! He tries very, very hard to keep up with his big brothers! If they go running into the kitchen, he is crawling as fast as he can after them! Big K and Little K will even turn around and crawl after Baby K so that he "wins" going the other direction! I just love how sweet they are with each other!
I have tried to get pictures uploaded and posts typed, but it seems as soon as I sit down to start, one of kiddos needs something. I have tried staying up late and / or getting up early,  but the times I do that, the little two don't want to sleep. It is very hard to find a good balance of time for everything. My family always has been and always will be my top priority. I don't do my blog for anything, other than for my own enjoyment. I started it to help keep me sane shortly after Little K was born, and I was no longer in a world with constant adult interaction. Sometimes, it has to take a back seat to life. :)
For my fellow Mamatographers - I have not even had a chance to check out any of your posts this year! I don't have much time at the computer.... as it is, I started this post like 3 hours ago and have had to take like a hundred breaks thanks to my babies! Hope everyone is have a fantastic year so far! I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone's posts!! :)
Here is a picture from this morning!! It's snowing like crazy here! Big K was waiting for the bus...