Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mamatography - Week 12 - March 18 - 24

Mamatography for the week of March 18 through 24

Week 12

3/18 - Sunday -
Today was a rough day for Little K... he fell and hit his poor little face on the porch at his great-grandparent's house. Luckily he didn't hurt himself too bad - just a little brush burn and some red marks. I took this one of them playing after we got home.

3/19 - Monday -
Mommy to the rescue! Little K's gloworm battery died and Mommy fixed it! :) Little K is VERY sad when the batteries die... it's one of his favorite toys and he uses it at nap time and bedtime!

3/20 - Tuesday -
Little K likes to play his DS while sitting on my lap. Today, he was playing with one hand and kept his other hand on my belly. He is so sweet when it comes to the pregnancy / the baby.

3/21 - Wednesday -
I tried a new recipe today - it's Fried Rice.

3/22 - Thursday -
I had a Dr appointment and as soon as we got home my hubby grabbed a snack. Little K climbed up on his chair and took a chip without Daddy knowing! I walked into the room and caught him red-handed! ;)

3/23 - Friday -
We started planting things in our garden today. This year, we decided to try and start a few things from seeds that we normally buy from the greenhouse. We are planting broccoli in these 6 pots that will be transplanted to the garden when the weather is right.

3/24 - Saturday -
Today we went to the annual Easter Egg Hunt that is held by my Mom. This is the first year Little K could find and pick his own eggs. He had his own little section of eggs to pick so the big kids don't take them all. Big K was off with the big kids and completely done finding eggs by the time I walked over there to take his picture!
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    1. That hand on your belly is too sweet! The rice looks delish, and I'm excited for you at the idea of the tiny seedlings that are soon to appear in your little peat pots. Yay, spring! Looks like a great week, minor injuries aside.

    2. My boys make every day a new adventure! ;) I am actually looking forward to posting pictures for the week we are currently in! lol The seedlings are growing like CRAZY! I can't believe how easy it has been so far! I LOVE spring! :)

    3. Yum, I love fried rice, such a comforting meal. I also love the one with little K's hand on your belly... so sweet. Our loss (Autumn here) is your gain, completely jealous that you are going into spring ;)