Thursday, July 18, 2013

May / June / July 2013 Update

Good morning, all!
By now, I am sure that you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather that is going by very quickly. I have been MIA here for quite some time now. We have been very, VERY busy moving! That is right.... we bought a new house. :) It has been super hectic and my husband has been working so many hours, that I have been trying to pack and move as much as I can while he is at work and I fight with all 3 kiddos! Needless to say, it has not been going very well.
When we bought our old house, 6 years ago, we thought it was our "forever" house. It fit us as a family of 3, it had some room to grow, it would fit us when the kids grew up and moved away....
Things have changed, and as a family of 5, we needed something that didn't have the kids sharing the upper floor of a cape cod. This entire process has been such a roller coaster of emotions. I am excited to have our new home, but I as auction day nears... I am getting very sad to have to say goodbye to our old house. I never thought we would ever say good-bye.
So, I apologize for not getting any of my Mamatography posts done. We have been packing/moving/cleaning/unpacking AND trying to get back onto a "normal" routine with the kids. Things will start to slow down after September, but we will still have to maintain two houses until closing. That is the toughest part.
As far as my family goes - the boys LOVE having their own rooms! Big K is enrolled at his new school, so we are waiting to find out when we can meet with them to show him around the school and find out who his teacher is. Little K is loving that we now live in an area that we can takes walks when it is nice in the evenings. Baby K just turned 1 the beginning of June and is trying his hardest to keep up with his big brothers! I absolutely love watching the 3 of the play and interact with each other! Little K and Baby K have really enjoyed "helping" sweep up their messes in the kitchen. The two of them sweep probably 10 times a day! It is so cute! Well, I have a million things I need to be doing, so I will come back and update and (hopefully) get caught up on my posts as soon as I can! :)