Friday, September 28, 2012

Mamatography Weeks 23 -26 (June 3 - June 30)

Mamatography Weeks 23 -26 (June 3 - June 30)

I am so very behind on my weekly posts! Here is the month of June! I am slowly but surely working on catching up! :)

Pretending to drive.
Little K using his step stool to look out the front door during a storm.
My BIG helper (Little K) was helping me unload the dishwasher and dropped a Pyrex plate, and it chipped. I was so bummed!
Welcome Baby K!! :)

1 day old
2 days old and home from the hospital.
Big K and Little K coloring.
Momma's first time home alone with Little K and Baby K.
Daddy and Big K were at the grocery store.

This is one of my FAVORITES! Little K was still warming up to Baby K and came over to snuggle. Baby K waited until Little K was smiling to start screaming because he was hungry! 

Little K wanted to hold Baby K all by himself. (He's pushing my arm away in the picture.)
First real picture of Baby K smiling... in his sleep.
I love spending this time with them when they are little! :)
Shredded paper towel anyone?
Little K thought this was so cool! We had the AC on, and realized the vent would make the pieces "fly"! Such a smart boy!

Our first real year for blueberries! YUM!!
Big K and Little K playing at their great grandparent's house.
Coming to check on his little brother! Melts my heart! :)
This is my neighbor's nasty cat on my picnic table! That is a story for another time! My neighbor's are very disrespectful....
Anytime he seems to be very quiet, I find him playing with Baby K's bouncer!
Little K fell asleep while sitting on Daddy's chair. So, Daddy brought the toddler bed up from the basement and put it in the living room for him to sleep on. :)
Wearing Daddy's shoes over his shoes.
He LOVES to look out the window!
At our play date.... He's kissing the baby the way I kiss Baby K while breastfeeding.
Nap time! Little K (on the monitor) fell asleep while sitting in his crib.
What I get to wake up to every morning! :)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A much needed update!

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update...especially since I haven't had much of a chance to get my posts written.

Big K is in 4th grade, and loving school this year! We are very pleased with his teacher so far. He is very excited to be doing a bowling program one night a week.

Little K is enjoying the school year routine. He likes 'sharing' breakfast with Big K and watching him get on / off of the bus. Everytime he hears the bus stop out front, he runs over to the window so he can see! It is so cute!!

Baby K is doing well! He will be 4 months old next week. I can't believe it!! If he is awake, he is babbling to himself! He is such a very happy boy! He started teething a couple of weeks ago. His favorite place to be is with his Momma! As I type this on my cell phone, he is sleeping on me. He seems to sleep better this way!

Big K and Little K love to play with Baby K! They love to give him hugs & kisses, and talk & sing to him, and make him smile & laugh! It makes my heart melt to see how sweet they are to each other! I feel so blessed every day!

I am enjoying the beginning of my favorite season - Fall! I love just about everything about this time of year! Apples, pumpkins, cooler weather, the colors, the smells.... oh, and I can't forget - I get to use my crockpot at least once a week! In Fall / Winter I make soups & chili quite frequently.

I have a ton of posts started that are waiting to have pictures added or waiting for edits. Some are just simply waiting to be typed. I am trying to get caught up. These past 4 months have gone by so fast! I am loving the time with my family! 3 kids definitely keep me busy! I wouldn't trade a single second of it!! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday to Little K!!

Yesterday, we celebrated Little K's 2nd birthday! I can't believe how fast time has flown by!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mamatography - Weeks 19 - 22 (May 6 - June 2)

Mamatography for the following weeks:

Week 19 - May 6 through May 12

Week 20 - May 13 through May 19

Week 21- May 20 through May 26

Week 22 - May 27 through June 2

Before I begin... I want to apologize for getting so far behind on things. The closer that I got to my due date, the harder it became to get things done. I know that sounds silly, but I found myself too tired to sit at the computer to do much of anything. Once my cell phone died, I really had no motivation to be at the computer, because the internet is literally at my fingertips with my new phone. The only bad thing, I can't seem to type in blogger on my phone. Baby K will be 1 month old tomorrow and the only time I have to really get anything done on the computer is if I stay up late. So, here I sit at almost 11 PM trying to catch up on the last almost two months of our lives! My husband and older boys were in bed around 8 and Baby K fought me to go to sleep... so he didn't finally lay down until almost 9:30. Yes... I know... we lead very boring lives! ha ha With the hubby having to be at work before the sun comes up, he has to go to bed early... and since the kids don't understand the meaning of "inside voices" their bedtimes have been moved up to help my husband get some sleep. Having a new baby means Momma never sleeps! ha ha I tend to "cat nap" on my chair in the living room with Baby K. I think he still enjoys hearing my heart beat while he sleeps. Anyway... I hope you all can forgive me for being so scatter-brained the last two months. I didn't always remember to take pictures... or get them uploaded... or get posts made. Most days, I would rather sleep than stay up late while everyone else sleeps. ;)
Week 19 - May 6 through May 12

Sunday, May 6
The boys were playing their video games....

Monday, May 7
I was worked on my Amish Friendship Bread.

Saturday, May 12
37 weeks and 2 days

Week 20 - May 13 through May 19

Sunday, May 13
A skunk made his way through our yard... in the middle of the afternoon! That is never a good sign!

Monday, May 14
Our first year with blueberries!! We were super excited!

Tuesday, May 15
Little K playing his keyboard

Wednesday, May 16
Little K smelling his breakfast

Thursday, May 17
My boys! Big K and Little K enjoying some time together before Big K had to get on the bus.

Friday, May 18
Little K being goofy! I put a little bit of water in his cup, and he was trying to drink it... but ended up wearing it!

Saturday, May 19
Stealing Momma's cup!

Week 21- May 20 through May 26

Sunday, May 20
Yummy breakfast! :)

Monday, May 21
Being naughty! (The water is stacked to keep him OUT! If he gets back there, he will rearrange my can goods and throw them all over the floor!)

Tuesday, May 22
Giving his favorite toy kisses. :)

Week 22 - May 27 through June 2

Most note worthy thing from this week, was my birthday on Sunday, May 27.

Well..... that is all of the pictures that I currently could find from the rest of May. I am still disorganized... my new phone has some pictures on it, so, if I come across any others, I will update this post. :)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Please welcome....

our newest addition!!!

Baby K is finally here!!

He was born on June 5 @ 10:31pm.
He weighed 9 lbs 9.8 oz, and was 22 1/2" long.
We are both doing well. :) His big brothers love having him at home! Big K is very helpful with both of his little brothers.  Little K is still getting used to not being the baby anymore. He does not like when someone other than Mommy or Daddy hold Baby K! He will take me over to them and try to get me to take Baby K back. Big K and Little K are both very protective!
I just wanted to let everyone know that we are all doing well. I got behind on a few of my weekly posts toward the end of the pregnancy, and I have not had a chance to get caught up yet. Being home with all 3 of my boys has been slightly hectic, but a ton of fun! :) I have put the computer on the back burner for a little bit, but I will be back soon.  Hope everyone is doing well!! :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mamatography - Week 18 - April 29 - May 5

Mamatography for the week of April 29 through May 5

Week 18
 4/29 - Sunday
My husband had the ENTIRE weekend off!! It was so nice to actually be able to spend some time with him! As you can see, the boys really enjoyed having Daddy home with them! :)

4/30 - Monday
Technically this picture is from yesterday... but, I took it to show someone that my one lens is in great working condition.

5/1 - Tuesday
It seems I forgot to take a picture today.... I'm sure I was only busy with house work. 
We had an appraiser come over this afternoon.

5/2 - Wednesday
This is how I spend most of my days.... Little K LOVES to dump out his toys and make a big huge mess, then he goes back and cleans it up. Then, he does it all over again!

5/3 - Thursday
Happy 82nd Birthday to my grandmother!! :)
Went to the Dr this morning. Things are looking good for the baby. I'm 36 weeks today. I spent the morning getting ready for the baby... I washed some of the new clothes that my mom bought for the baby.  I forgot how tiny 0-3 months clothes are!

5/4 - Friday
Little K got this neck pillow for his 1st birthday from my grandmother. He didn't understand why it is "U" shaped. So, today, I taught him how to wear it! It was so cute!

5/5 - Saturday
The hubby had off today. It was so nice! We got some yard work done and got out of the house a little bit and walked around Lowe's looking at their outdoor stuff. Little K thought all of the birds were funny. :)
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