Monday, April 18, 2011

Wilton Candy Necklace Kits

At Walmart, in their Easter section, we found these candy necklace kits. I think these are the cutest!! There are 8 of these individual bags in each box. Each one includes a string and enough candy to make 1 necklace.
Candy necklaces used to be my favorite! I thought the kids would love these!! The younger kids (ages 3 to 6) at the egg hunt seemed to like to make them and eat them. For some, it was the first time that they had had a candy necklace. It was so cute! The older kids (ages 8 to 10) didn't want to make them.... they acted like they were "too cool" to do the same activity as the littler kids. I think I would definitely do this one with the kids next year if they have them available. :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter cupcakes

This post shows pictures of the cute cupcakes that I made for the egg hunt. My Mom usually buys mini cupcakes for the kids, but this year asked me if I would make them. She found these cute Icing Nests with Jellybeans by Wilton at Walmart. Here is a close-up of them. Sorry for the blurry picture. I was rushing... I made the cupcakes the morning of the egg hunt. At this point, I was running behind AND I had a super tired and grouchy baby that only wanted me to hold him.
These were great for decorations, but were not a very big hit. The kids seemed to like them, but but I'm not sure that they all ate them. The adults seemed to pick them off. Some ate the jellybeans, but most thought the icing was pretty hard. I love the idea of it. I'm sure I could make my own... and then maybe the icing would be easier to eat. I plan to try next year.
While at Wegman's last weekend, I found these Easy Frost cans by Pillsbury. They are also a super neat idea!! It did save me a ton of time. I didn't have to make icing or fight with icing from a can. I thought that these were a little hard to use. It's the same kind of frosting that you buy in a can/tub from the store, only these are like whipped cream cans. I frosted 26 cupcakes (6 regular size and 20 mini) and by the end, my finger was hurting. I think the frosting is a little thick to use a can like this. The frosting was delicious, and it did help make frosting go faster.
Here are my 12 regular sized cupcakes. I used a boxed mix for the cupcakes. I didn't have enough time to make these from scratch. The box was a spring time mix that had a packet of pink and blue sprinkles that you mix in. Very festive.
Here are my 20 mini cupcakes.
I took 2 containers (1 for each cupcake size) and came home with all cupcakes fitting into 1 container. They were a pretty big hit. Between the cupcakes and the brownies, I think everyone's sweet tooth was satisfied! :)

Delicious Fudge Brownies

For my Mom's annual Easter egg hunt, I was to make brownies and cupcakes. I picked up this Bite-Size Square Mold at AC Moore. I decided to use this for the brownies. I think they turned out great! I had a hard time figuring out how full to make them. They are so little it's hard to tell when they are 2/3 full. Overall, I think they turned out well. Some of them had "muffin tops" (not really sure what else to call them). This one wouldn't upload the right direction. It's just a close-up of the packaging for the mold.
My brownies were made from scratch. They were delicious and fudgey ... they were perfect! I made them after my kids went to bed, so I did everything by hand instead of using my mixer. I forgot how time consuming creaming butter by hand is! It was a great arm workout, though!
I use a recipe that I found online a few years ago... only I have changed a few things to make them taste better.
Working on mixing in my dry ingredients...
It was late when they were finished baking, and I forgot to take pictures of the finished brownies. I was planning to take a few before they were served, but I was so busy that it didn't happen. They were a big hit! :)