Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mamatography - Weeks 19 - 22 (May 6 - June 2)

Mamatography for the following weeks:

Week 19 - May 6 through May 12

Week 20 - May 13 through May 19

Week 21- May 20 through May 26

Week 22 - May 27 through June 2

Before I begin... I want to apologize for getting so far behind on things. The closer that I got to my due date, the harder it became to get things done. I know that sounds silly, but I found myself too tired to sit at the computer to do much of anything. Once my cell phone died, I really had no motivation to be at the computer, because the internet is literally at my fingertips with my new phone. The only bad thing, I can't seem to type in blogger on my phone. Baby K will be 1 month old tomorrow and the only time I have to really get anything done on the computer is if I stay up late. So, here I sit at almost 11 PM trying to catch up on the last almost two months of our lives! My husband and older boys were in bed around 8 and Baby K fought me to go to sleep... so he didn't finally lay down until almost 9:30. Yes... I know... we lead very boring lives! ha ha With the hubby having to be at work before the sun comes up, he has to go to bed early... and since the kids don't understand the meaning of "inside voices" their bedtimes have been moved up to help my husband get some sleep. Having a new baby means Momma never sleeps! ha ha I tend to "cat nap" on my chair in the living room with Baby K. I think he still enjoys hearing my heart beat while he sleeps. Anyway... I hope you all can forgive me for being so scatter-brained the last two months. I didn't always remember to take pictures... or get them uploaded... or get posts made. Most days, I would rather sleep than stay up late while everyone else sleeps. ;)
Week 19 - May 6 through May 12

Sunday, May 6
The boys were playing their video games....

Monday, May 7
I was worked on my Amish Friendship Bread.

Saturday, May 12
37 weeks and 2 days

Week 20 - May 13 through May 19

Sunday, May 13
A skunk made his way through our yard... in the middle of the afternoon! That is never a good sign!

Monday, May 14
Our first year with blueberries!! We were super excited!

Tuesday, May 15
Little K playing his keyboard

Wednesday, May 16
Little K smelling his breakfast

Thursday, May 17
My boys! Big K and Little K enjoying some time together before Big K had to get on the bus.

Friday, May 18
Little K being goofy! I put a little bit of water in his cup, and he was trying to drink it... but ended up wearing it!

Saturday, May 19
Stealing Momma's cup!

Week 21- May 20 through May 26

Sunday, May 20
Yummy breakfast! :)

Monday, May 21
Being naughty! (The water is stacked to keep him OUT! If he gets back there, he will rearrange my can goods and throw them all over the floor!)

Tuesday, May 22
Giving his favorite toy kisses. :)

Week 22 - May 27 through June 2

Most note worthy thing from this week, was my birthday on Sunday, May 27.

Well..... that is all of the pictures that I currently could find from the rest of May. I am still disorganized... my new phone has some pictures on it, so, if I come across any others, I will update this post. :)