Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Today is February 14, 2012. It is Valentine's Day! It is also my wedding anniversary!! While we don't do a whole lot to celebrate Valentine's Day or our anniversary, we do try to go out on a date.... just the two of us. It doesn't always happen that way, but we try. This year, we are planning to get some take-out and rent a movie and just hang out at home with the kiddos.

This is a special year for us.... I actually have referred to 2012 as the year of 5. Today is our 5th wedding anniversary... July marks the 5th year that we have been in our house... and this May, we will welcome baby number 3 which will be family member number FIVE for us! :) This week, I will be twenty-FIVE weeks along. It is definitely a year to celebrate and remember for us! :)

This year, a friend of mine on Facebook had come up with ... what I feel is.... a great idea! We are doing a Valentine's swap for our kids! With my oldest being in school, he does a swap or a party in his classroom.  He was still so excited to find out that would be receiving Valentine's treats in the mail!  If you have little ones, or even school aged children, talk to your friends and family, and see if maybe next year you could do a Valentine's swap. The best part for the kids is, Valentine's Day will actually end up lasting a few days!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous Valentine's Day!!

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