Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mamatography 2012

Mamatography 2012


What is Mamatography you ask?

Mamatography 2012 is such a great idea for all parents to take part of! Basically, you take a picture a day for 365 days. It is a great way to see how your children change from one day to the next! What if you didn't do anything but house work all day? Take a picture! Take a picture of your folded socks or your kiddos folding clothes. Or, maybe the highlight of your day was cleaning up the kids toys (again!), take a picture!

I know... I sound crazy! Who wants a picture of the kids folding clothes or the mess from their toys? You will! They grow so fast and when they get older, it will be harder for you to remember things from when they were this little! Personally, I take pictures of EVERYTHING!! I am the one in my family that ALWAYS has a camera with me! I have tons of pictures from parties and other celebrations, but I also have tons of pictures of the cute things my kids do every day! With the way technology has changed just from when my oldest was little, I absolutely cherish the photos I take now! I have tons of rolls of film that need to be developed from when Big K was little! Most of them won't be developed thanks to the expiration dates on the canisters! I truly wish I had more pictures of him when he was little!

Are you interested? For more information, please go here . If you have already decided to try it, please sign up here . It does take a few days for you to get the information emails. You do not need to wait to receive the emails to start taking pictures! You can start today! :) Remembering to take a picture a day will be a little difficult at first, but it will become habit around 21 days. There is no pressure to post every day, or even every week. We all get busy. If you can't gets posts every week, then you can do a monthly post! If you miss a week, it's okay! Just pick back up when you get a chance! :)

Phew! Am I glad that everyone is so laid back! I am 6 weeks behind on my posts! It was mid-January when I received the information emails and we have been so busy since! I am hoping to join in on the weekly posts from now on.

 *Just a quick side note - even though this is called "Mamatography", it is open to everyone - Moms, Dads, Granparents, Aunts and Uncles. Just make sure you have permission from Mom and Dad if you are posting pictures of their kiddos. :) *


 **I'm participating in a 366 day photo challenge at Diary of a First Child.

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