Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mamatography - Febuary 1 - 18

*We're participating in a 366 day photo challenge at Diary of a First Child
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I am hoping to do the Mamatography posts on a weekly basis starting with this post. I am still not remembering to take a picture a day. It seems I remember that I needed to take a picture after the kids are in bed or after I am in bed. I have been a bit scatter-brained lately. We've had a lot of evening appointments, and problems with our car that cause my mind tends to be in other places. I'll get there, though! :)

I hope you all enjoy our pictures from February 1 - 18. 

2/2 - Krispy Kreme Cupcakes (Pay It Forward - Post 2 - will be posted soon!)

2/3 - The front of a card I made for the same friend that received the cupcakes

2/4 - Little K fell asleep on my lap before bedtime - 2 things that NEVER happen!

2/5 - a little blurry -  Little K and Daddy reading his favorite book! He points to an animal and wants you to make the noise of the animal. It is so cute!!

2/8 - I had to leave the house during nap time (something I try VERY hard not to do!) and I found Little K sleeping soundly with his legs hanging out of the crib. It didn't look comfortable, but it must have been!

2/11 - This was a rare treat for Little K! His favorite thing to do is to climb on the couch and jump (or fall) off! So, I always keep laundry baskets on the couch to keep him off .... unless we have company coming over. The moment I remove the baskets, he is on the couch. I caught a picture of him before he started jumping! :)

2/12 - Little K took a hand towel while I was folding wash and decided it made a nice toy! He played with it for a good 30 minutes!

2/12 - Big K was reading and making animal sounds with Little K. My boys are very sweet together! :)

2/13 - Little K sitting with Daddy. He brought the covers over and snuggled up with them on Daddy's lap. He likes to bunch the covers up on his lap or under his chin.

2/14 - Little K playing in his castle. He went in and closed the door behind him. I was able to peek in the top thanks to him bending the cardboard of the one door.

2/15 - This is what I try to do during nap time! I have the video monitor set up and I try to get blog posts typed out or pictures uploaded. It is the only bit of quiet time that I have these days! There is always someone else up when I am up (unless I get up at 4am -which is not happening!), and someone always seems to need me for something!

2/16 - I gave Little K a crazy straw to keep him busy while I was doing dishes. He insisted it belonged in his snack cup!

2/17 - Little K emptied most of the toys out of his bin and climbed in! I guess he thought it made a good seat! ;)

2/18 - Big K left his DS on the floor. Little K found the ear phones and knew exactly what to do with them!

2/18 - Little K decided to try and sit in a wipes container! He can be so goofy sometimes! This was the only picture that I was able to take before he fell over. He tried numerous times to get back to this position, but he was unable to do so. 

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