Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mamatography - January

I am just a little behind on posting my pictures for Mamatography 2012. To get caught up, I am going to post my January pictures as one post. There are a few days missing here and there. I am really bad at remembering to charge the camera battery. It often stays dead in my purse. That does not help us when we need the camera, but I don't think about it until I need it!

1/3 - Big K's 9th birthday :)

1/6 - A very old building that used to be a school.

1/7 - Pretty scenery while we were driving

1/7 - Went to an open house in the town my hubby and I grew up in. It was always a beautiful old house. I always wanted to see the inside.... this was the first floor bathroom. You don't see many toilets like this anymore!

1/12 - Watching Bubub's bus drive away to school.
(He does this every morning!)

1/12 - Playing with the lights. :)

1/13 - Big K reading to his Little K :)

1/14 - Using his little piggers to play with his laptop

1/18 - A scarf I knitted as part of a 'Pay It Forward'

1/18 - Still likes to sit with his Momma while he drinks his milk. :)

1/19 - Little K's favorite book - we read it multiple times a day!

1/20 - Another view of the scarf I made for the 'Pay It Forward'

1/22 - Dinner for the hubby and Big K's birthdays! We tried a new place called - Jake's Wayback Burger. YUM!! :) The separate burger and chili cheese fries were my meal. My fries were only ONE order!!

1/22 - Pay It Forward - scarf number one finished! :)

1/23 - Little K patiently waiting for his Daddy to get out of surgery!

1/24 - I tried to get a picture of Little K with a hat on....

1/25 - Little K's favorite toy! (Thanks, Nancy!) :)

1/26 - The start of a Mickey Mouse scarf I'm working on as another 'Pay It Forward' gift.

1/27 - You have to love the area I live in... this piece of non-street legal farm equipment is being towed by a street legal truck. There are NO lights on the farm equipment and it is larger than the lane. (Hence the non-street legal part!)

1/27 - As you can see, there is someone driving a non-street legal tractor on the road in front of the other guy. Not only were they larger than the lane, they were driving in the middle of the road so you could not pass!

1/29 - Bubub (that's what Little K calls Big K) left his cards on the floor... I just want to play with them! :)


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*We're participating in a 366 day photo challenge at Diary of a First Child .


  1. Thanks so much for joining us! I have the same problem with remembering to charge my camera, so don't you worry. The challenge has actually helped me to get a little better in this area; there's always hope. hehe Your Little K's are too cute and the "Pay it Forward" scarf is way too fine!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! :) I am so excited to be taking part in this! Even if it is just for my family. I already have pictures of cute things the kids do that I might not remember otherwise! :) I just have to try to remember to get the pictures taken, uploaded and posted! lol

  2. What a fantastic bunch of photos! I'm so glad you've joined us. I just love how you photograph your children - I think as Ameli grows, I'll start taking that approach too - it's so much more artistic too. Wonderful!

  3. Thank you! I find it hard to get good pictures of the kids looking at the camera. I always have 1 that doesn't want to cooperate! haha For some things I wish they'd look at the camera, but this way, I capture pictures of them doing whatever it is they do together. :)