Sunday, April 8, 2012

Poor Eggbert! :(

Last week, the hubby and I went to get a few treats for the boys for Easter. We do not typically buy our candy - mainly because our parents buy them WAY more than any of us will it! My husband wanted to get Little K a hollow chocolate bunny, but finding one that was hollow proved to be much more difficult than we had ever thought! When he finally found one, he knew right away that it was PERFECT! :)

**Quick back story - for those of you that do not know, Little K's nickname around the house is "Cutiebert" - OR anything that ends in "bert" - Grumpybert, Goofybert, Sillybert, Sleepybert, etc. This is all thanks to when I was pregnant my husband and Big K called the baby "Engelbert" (as in "Engelbert Humperdinck") because we couldn't agree on a name.

Now that everyone is all caught up -

The hollow chocolate bunny that my hubby found had the name of EGGBERT!! How perfect is that?? We were so excited!

We finished our shopping, ran the other 2 errands that we had and went home. Hubby hide the bags with the kids stuff in our room until after the kids went to bed. When he pulled them out to put the little stuff in the eggs, he found this!!


Poor Eggbert! :(

Apparently is was a little too warm in the car for Eggbert to survive the few errands we ran!

I didn't even get a chance to get a "before" picture to show how cute Little K's first chocolate bunny was!!


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