Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mamatography - Week 13 - March 25 - 31

Mamatography for the week of March 25 through 31

Week 13

3/25 - Sunday
I tried a new recipe for breakfast today - Cinnamon Crescent Rolls. Recipe and more pictures will follow in a future post. :)

3/26 - Monday
It's only been 3 days and the seeds that we planted on Friday have already started to grow!!

3/27 - Tuesday
Add another day and now look at them! So hard to believe how fast they are growing!

3/28 - Wednesday
Little K is growing up so fast! He really likes to empty his book shelf and put all of the books back. It surprises me how much he enjoys to have things nice and neat...only to be destroyed seconds later! ;)

3/29 - Thursday
We recently bought Little K a step stool to help with potty training. I decided to give it to him one morning while he was watching Big K get onto the bus. He was so very excited to be able to see his Bubub without me having to hold him!

3/30 - Friday
This is how we spend most mornings! He likes to empty all of the bins / baskets and then lay on the floor and play with his toys!

These are the seeds that we planted exactly 1 week ago! Can you believe how tall they are already??

3/31 - Saturday
I tried another new recipe this week. I wanted to make this one for breakfast tomorrow, but it turns out the hubby has to work. So, I made these doughnuts for dessert. They were delicious and super easy! :)    (To see my post that includes the recipe, link to where I found the recipe and pictures that I took, please go here!)

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    1. Thanks for letting us tag along with you and the kiddos via Mamatography! :)

    2. Yum, those photos are making me seriously hungry ;)
      I love the pics of your seedlings, it is amazing how fast they grow!

      1. Thanks! :) I never thought growing things from seeds would work out so well! (I do not have much of a "green thumb" - it's usually thanks to my husband that our plants grow!) :)

      2. Yum! Mouth watering! Love all the little seedlings!

    3. Oh no! Now I have to follow you and see all your lovely recipes! And then I will have to bake them! And cinnamon rolls for breakfast will overtake my WW yoghurt and berry smoothies! Oh well - life's just too short!!

    4. Those little seedlings are so exciting, and I love seeing how much they gre during the week. Those donuts look fantastic! Must keep an eye out for that recipe! Cinnamon crescent rolls sound amazing, too.

    5. After a very long weekend of hiking and collecting bear garlic in not so suitable weather I could use a stack of those donuts right about now!