Friday, April 27, 2012

Mamatography - Week 16 - April 15 - 21

Mamatography for the week of April 15 through 21

Week 16
 4/15 - Sunday
We finally planted our pepper seeds today. These are in the mini greenhouse that we have the broccoli and kale in.

4/16 - Monday
Little K and I were just hanging out.

4/17 - Tuesday
I tried my hand at making my own fabric softener. It only used 3 ingredients and took about 15 minutes to make. I am working on the post now. I wanted to make sure that I tried it before doing my post. :) *So far, I love it!!*

4/18 - Wednesday
I had to go to the dr today. So, Little K and I picked Big K up at an earlier bus stop. While we waited, Little K played with a tablet thing that my Dad gave to us for the kids to play with.

4/19 - Thursday
Oops! I forgot to take a picture today. I really don't even remember what we did today!
4/20 - Friday
Today over nap time, I started working on the DVD Coloring Cases for teh boys. (The link for the blog that I found the idea on.)

4/21 - Saturday
Today was my hubby's first day off in quite awhile. The weather was beautiful, so we got some stuf done outside. I sort of feel like we planted our newest Asian Pear tree in honor of Earth Day (which is tomorrow).

The next two pictures are of one of the flowers on my one PawPaw tree. There are quite a few flowers on this tree, but this one is the most open. It is simply BEAUTIFUL!! 

This angle was a little harder to get of the same flower as above.
If anyone is interested, the PawPaw trees are native to my area. Well... maybe not my exact area... but not too far away! Here is a website with more information. I am very excited for these trees to grow fruit! Until then, we go and pick PawPaws as a fun family activity! :)
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