Thursday, September 22, 2011

K-Y Intimacy Experiment Day 6 - Getting Back in Touch

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Day 6 - Getting Back in Touch

Today's exercises are all about getting back in touch with each other... in and out of bed.

Do you think that you and your partner are plenty affectionate?

This daytime exercise is going to put you to the test! Think about this: Not including sex, how often did you touch each other throughout the day? How did you touch each other? Once you've answered those questions, come up with the different ways you could touch your partner in a positive and loving way.

Some on our lists included:

- Holding hands
- A kiss on the cheek (or forehead or lips) - "just because"
- Cuddling on the couch  (we do this every evening while watching TV before bed)
- If we both walk into the same room, we often times give each other a hug or a kiss

The night time exercise is very fun and relaxing! What is more relaxing than a nice head to toe massage? The greatest part... thanks to this exercise, we both gave and received massages! (Usually, I am the one who rubs his shoulders or back.) It has been awhile since I was on the receiving end of a nice massage!

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- 2 entries - What a few of the ways that you and your partner touch (naughty or nice) during the day?

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