Sunday, September 11, 2011

K-Y Intimacy Experiment Day 2 - It's not just about sex

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Day Two - It's not just about sex

Does your relationship consist of more positive or negative interactions?  Experts believe that the ratio should be 5 to 1: five positive interactions for every negative one. Think about how you interact with your partner outside of the bedroom. Do you find yourselves hugging or holding hands on a regular basis? Both of these are examples of positive interactions. Think about it, if your relationship is doing well outside of the bedroom, you are more likely to want to get into bed together.

The day time exercise was to track all of the positive ways we interact - anything that comes to mind. There also are a few questions to answer. One of the questions was  'To what degree does your relationship have a reserve of transferable desire (those positive interactions, no matter how small, that occur outside of the bedroom), or to what extent are you stick in a "non-transferable" relationship?' I thought I would share a few of the positive ways that we interact with each other...

- Hugging
-Say ''I love you"
- Text each other (sometimes when we're together) just to say "hi" or "I love you"
- email each other
- we compliment each other
- we hold hands every chance we get
- we get the mail together
- blow kisses

All of the little things really do add up! The hubby and I always try to make sure all of these "little things" stay constant.

The night time exercise was all about getting closer, both physically and emotionally. We were suppose to face each other and look deep into each other's eyes. The book specifically says that instead of pulling away from his embrace, to keep hugging. That was not the hard part.... for me, the hard part was next. We were to maintain eye contact during kissing. Seriously... I could not stop laughing. I am not sure what was so funny, but I thought something was hilarious! Like, wake the kids hilarious! At first my husband laughed at me and while not amused he let it go. He, then, got very annoyed. I just could not stop laughing while trying to kiss him with our eyes open. I think he was secretly making faces at me. ;) I found this part to be very awkward and uncomfortable, obviously.

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