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K-Y Intimacy Experiment Day 3 - Everything Old is New Again

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Day 3 - Everything Old is New Again

Do you remember when you first start dating your partner? Do you remember the butterflies you get when you thought of them? Or when you were with them? Has that "newness" worn off?  After being with someone for awhile, that feeling of butterflies is usually replaced by comfort. Today's exercises are about rediscover that sense of "newness".

The day time exercise was to list all of the things that turned you on about your partner when you first met. Having done that, we were to read over our lists and see what ones still hold true. (You may have new attributes to add to the list, but there also may be some negative attributes. If there are, make the negatives on a separate list. Have any of the negatives gotten in the way of the positives?)

I often describe us as the male / female version of each other. No lie.. we think alike... we also think the same things at the same time.... we have the same sense of humor... we like / dislike the same things... we have the same beliefs... we enjoy the same activities... we are both stubborn and hard-headed... We have found that it is very difficult for people to deal with us - we have had not the same but very similar up bringings that have made us the way we are today. Having said that, we are different in many ways. The things that we differ in are the things drive the other crazy!

The night time exercise was not something that were able to do. We were suppose to pick a location and go in separately and pretend to be strangers. Then, flirt like crazy with each other and then leave as though we just met. Beings that it was a Monday night, my husband had to be in bed early for work tomorrow morning. Not to mention we didn't have a babysitter. We are not "go out" type of people. We have "date night" for our anniversary every year, and if we can afford it we might try and have date night for our birthdays. We would rather be at home with our children spending quality time with them. So, to try and complete this exercise as best as we could, I tried to recreate things from when we first starting dating. We first starting dating in 11th grade. He would come over to my house and we would get take-out food. We would then, sit beside each other and watch TV or a movie holding hands.... For supper, I made chicken and white rice and then we put on Ghost Adventures. We sat there holding hands while watching TV just like we used to years ago. While it may not be thrilling or exciting to some, it is to us. I still get butterflies when I get to spend time with just him on the couch while our children are upstairs sleeping! My face still lights up when I talk about him! Over a decade has passed and I am still head over heals for him!

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