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K-Y Intimacy Experiment Day 5 - Fun and Games

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Day 5 - Fun and Games

I want to first apologize for this post taking so long for me to get done. We had to wait for a day that my hubby had off of work in order to do this exercise. We were to discover new things together. The books lists the following examples - sing a karaoke duet, visit a children's museum (without the kids!), learn how to dance - anything that is lighthearted, fun and playful. As silly as it is, I have always wanted to be one of those people that goes around to different open houses even though I don't plan to buy the house. I want to see how people decorate and how houses are laid out. It is something that I have a hard time doing because when you go to an open house, people want to know who you are, where you are from, why you are there, etc. I'm sure they just want to make small talk, but if it's an open house with a realtor, they want you fill out your information just for coming to look at things. That is the part I have a hard time with. I don't want to tell people that I am just there, basically, being nosey. This open house, was very different. It was a house that (from the outside) I could actually see us living in. It is very similar to our own house, so we were both very interested. Anyway, we had planned not to tell them any of our real information other than our first names. It was really fun to walk around a house and make comments about how it would be nice to a couch here or a table there or about how big or small a room seemed. Aside from the people following us around a completely empty house, I had fun!

The night time exercise was a fun game of poker. Only, we used Yahtzee Hands Down. It's like regular Yahtzee only it's fully played with cards. (With a little one, we play as many of the new card games so there are no little pieces.) Yahtzee in card form is similar to poker so it was a fun substitution. The other part of the exercise was for each of us to take blank index cards and split them between the two us. Each of us was to split our piles in half. One half was for us to write down body parts and hot spots (ie.. the hollow of your neck or your inner thigh) and the other half was for a method of touch (ie... a kiss or a soft touch). When done, we combined all of the body parts into one pile and all of the methods of touch in another pile. Then, onto the game. Once one person wins, their prize is to pick one card from each pile. The 'loser' is to perform whatever the cards say.

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- 2 entries - What is the strangest combination for a body part and method of touch that you can think of?

(My husband's was lick butt... yes... seriously.... he thinks it is hilarious! I would not let him use it for fear that I would pick those cards together!)

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