Friday, July 29, 2011

My poor baby...

This week has been a rough one!  My youngest turns 1 next week, and he spent the last week sick -miserable actually. The first time that he has ever been sick and he has an ear infection and (more than likely) strep throat! His fever was at 104.3 at the highest. A trip to the doctor on Monday made him feel much better with some Amoxicillin. Here it is Friday, and he's covered in red spots! Another trip to the doctor later and it turns out that my poor baby is allergic to Penicillin!!

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  1. Don't you hate when this happens :( breaks my heart! When one gets it all 5 get it one after another I hate it... I ry and cry because all I can do is hold them and sing to tem :( whic makes me cry more because I'm a terrible singer lol