Sunday, July 10, 2011

Burkholder's Ever-Green Farm

I have posted a few times about the local farm that we like to go to for fresh produce. I wanted to make sure that I posted a few pictures of their farm, along with their information. If you are ever in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area in the summer time - you should really stop by! They are such a wonderful couple!

705 Franklin Street
Denver, PA 17517
Owned by Dan and Margi Burkholder

 Last year we picked up a flier that has what months some of the produce is ready. The picture is a little bit blurry, but they have handwritten in the months when each are ready. Asparagus (and other spring vegetables) - mid April-June; Red Raspberries - some late June + July, most August-September; Blackberries - July-August; Blueberries - July-early August; Gooseberries - late June-July.

Located in the borough of Denver in northern Lancaster County, our farm has been in agriculture since 1795 and owned by the extended Burkholder family since 1924. In local history books, it is identified as the Evergreen Farm and we wish to keep it Ever-GREEN.

When you drive up to their farm, you will see the Asparagus, Blackberries, and Red Raspberries on the left side of the road. I am not sure if they have anything else on this side or not. I know they have their Blueberries, Lavender and Gooseberries on the right side of the street. Their house, horse boarding, antique shop and produce stand are also on the right side of the street.

This is where you purchase their produce. They have an industrial refrigerator for their produce. They have lavender hanging to dry. They also have fresh herbs on a table and sometimes they have onions, too.

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