Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Treats

I recently came across this Candy Making Kit by Wilton at my local Walmart. I was looking for Valentine's that my son could give out to the class. In my opinion, this was the best thing that they had! I thought the $9.00 price tag was a little high for something that the kids will devour in 30 seconds, but I can reuse the molds anytime! Plus, my son LOVES to help me make things! I took a few pictures of the few that I made first. I had never made lollipops or any other candies for that matter. I wanted to try it out first before I let my son help. It didn't go too bad. I learned that the paint brush makes it harder for me, and that the chocolates cool FAST! Oh... and I made one heck of a mess! I learned how to make it easier on myself for when I have "help"! I can't wait to let him help me! I will post more pictures when we make the rest. Here are a few pictures that I took: The one mold is lips and hearts. They are solid chocolate! :) I think the cupcake shaped lollipops are my favorite in this set. You can also use these for birthdays! (Excuse the sloppiness of chocolate in the middle one. That's the first one I did.)
Wilton also has a Valentine's Pops! Kit of some sort. That isn't what it is called... but it is something along those lines. I was thinking about trying that out. Not for my son to give to his class... but just for us to try. I'll keep thinking about that one.....
Thanks for reading!! :)
*I am just a regular ol' person who bought this product to share with my family/friends. While I love Wilton products... Sadly, I am in no way affiliated with them.

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