Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cake Pops

This is my most recent addition to my collection... it is Cake Pops by Bakerella (aka Angie Dudley). I have heard wonderful things about this book! My Mom found it at Target for 30% off. :) She has an amazing talent! There are 2 that my son and I want to try for our annual Easter egg hunt. Spring Chicks and Pastel Bunny Pops. Aren't they cute?? I will be thrilled if ours look half as good as hers do!
This book has a pop for every occasion!
It also gives you tips for making sure you make the perfect pop! It even tells you the best way to pack them to ship them! I plan to send some to my baby sister who is getting ready to move out of state. I didn't know that you could ship things like this!!
For more information on Bakerella (aka Angie Dudley) here is the link to her website: Thanks for reading! :)
*I received this book as a gift, and the pictures of the book in this blog are my own. The opinions in this blog are also my own.