Thursday, February 3, 2011

So, I found another giveaway that I'm excited to enter!! I love giveaways!! I don't usually win, but it's still fun!! This one is another Wilton Valentine's giveaway! Two of my favorite things! ;) February 14th is my wedding anniversary... making Valentine's Day my favorite holiday!! :) The giveaway is by Moms Review 4 You.( It is a Wilton Cupcake Bundle. It includes (per the description in the giveaway): heart candy picks, rose cupcake liners, pre made icing roses, sprinkles, cupcake pan and cupcake stand. Even if I don't win (which I am not going to hold my breath), I still plan to try some of these things. I am most psyched about the heart candy picks and the cupcake stand. I first saw the cupcake stand around Christmas. I didn't think I would want one... until I actually saw someone else use it! It made the cupcakes for the party look much nicer, than if they were just going to sit on out on the table! They were sold out when I went back. That's okay, though, because I didn't really want a red one. ;) The heart candy picks are a really neat idea!! My son LOVES to collect the things that come in cupcakes - picks, rings, toys... you name it, he will collect it! I think making the picks edible is a great idea!! I have not seen any in person, only on the Wilton website. I will probably try and get them to add to my Valentine / Anniversary suprise for my husband. I am already making some lollipops and other candies. I plan to make cupcakes / cake / some sort of dessert as well. I'm having a hard time deciding..... Good luck to all who enter!! Thanks for reading! :)

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