Friday, March 14, 2014

Creativity is flowing.....

I started this week struggling to come up with an idea for a Facebook group challenge and now my creativity has taken over!! I have created 6 cards, and 1 (technically 3) wood projects for the wood challenge. I still have so many more ideas to work with now! 
I had a death in the family about a week ago, so I have been busy trying to put together something to give to my Aunt for when I go to the viewing on Monday (the 17th). It was her husband that passed away sort of unexpectedly. We were not close at all. I have seen him ... maybe a small handful of times in the last 10 years. To be honest, I think all but one of those times were at funerals. I am not close with my Dad's side of the family, but I feel like I need to go for my Aunt (my Dad's older sister). My mom has agreed to watch the little boys for me so that I can go pay my respects. It was really just the timing - she is getting back from her trip visiting my sister in TX the day before the funeral. Otherwise, I would not even be able to go. (I do not feel that a funeral or viewing is any place for a one and three year old.)
I had to take Big K and Little K to the Dr on Monday the 10th. Big K definitely had Strep throat and Little K was showing a few signs, but the Dr didn't see any problems like Big K. He thought Little K might be a few days behind. Both were started on medicine. Between being sick and daylight savings, our sleep schedules are all messed up! 
 I am still working on refinishing my bathroom cabinet, and I definitely welcome the break from sanding the fine details of this thing. It has been extremely time consuming and I can see the end.. but not sure how soon I will get there. I have 1 drawer and 3 cabinet doors to finish sanding before I can work on staining it and replacing the counter top. That will be a post for a different time, though! Remodeling the bathroom (more or less) myself will definitely be post worthy! 
In the mean time, here are some of the things I have been working on this week:

  Above:  The cards that I have created this week. 5 out of the 6 are in some way related to wood, and the last one is not. I actually used nail polish to create the fun dots. All of the sayings are embossed on using my embossing powder and my craft heater. I forgot just how much I love this technique!! 
Below: A few of the steps in my wood project. I tried it with a black and white photo (not shown) and didn't like the way it looked. When I tried it the next two times, I used color photos, but I am not sure how much I like them either. I completely forgot to flip the images, so they are backwards and it kinda bothers me. The family picture turned out the nicest, but the other two didn't look all that bad. It is a learning process. I am not sure that anyone can get it completely right the first time. I tried all 3 on the same piece of wood. I think I finally have my technique down, and will pick out a piece of wood to do a single picture on. 

The process for my photo transfer to wood is a pretty simple one. You need only a few materials and a lot of time and patience!
If you are interested in the steps to make this project, please visit my post on my NEW blog that was created just for my creations:  Created By Momma.
Have you ever tried to make one of these before? How did it turn out?


  1. I think the photo transfers look great! Good luck at the funeral. I recently attended one with my 2 year old, which was a big mistake, but I couldn't think of another option.

  2. Thank you so much!! I ended up not going to the funeral. We had gotten some snow early that morning and my oldest had a delay. I'm sure it was for the better anyway.