Friday, January 31, 2014

Mamatography Weeks 1-4

Mamatography Weeks 1 - 4 
January 1 - January 25, 2014

This one isn't actually from January. This one is from December.  I love the way that this house is decorated! The boys loved it too! :)

Little K and Baby K got these Dirt Devil things just before Christmas. They used to fight over my regular vacuum cleaner, but it is too big and heavy for them to use. So, we bought these.... well, we started with just one, but you know how that goes! The fought over that one. We decided it would be better if they both had their own. Most days they each grab one and vacuum away. Some days they still fight over them, while other days they turn them on and walk away. 

Big K enjoyed his birthday thanks to the snow fall that we received. Isn't it beautiful?!

The birthday card I was working on for Big K (Note: this is NOT the final product!)

I received this hand-me-down changing station from a family friend when Little K was a baby. There wasn't anything wrong with it... but it was a little rough around the edges. When we moved, I decided that I wanted to give it a fresh coat of paint. The door and the drawer front are painted with a blue chalkboard paint. The boys are loving the fact that I wrote their numbers and letters on it! It was such a simple and fun project! 

My yummy lunch one day. A "grilled" cheese and chicken nuggets. (I cook my grilled cheese sandwiches in the oven.)

Big K has decided that he is too big for his Legos, so I took his mini figure holder to take some crafts with me when we left for the afternoon.

A while back, I had announced that I was a member of the Brew Crew... sadly, they canceled the program. I received this mug, spoon and coupon as a parting gift. It was a complete surprise!! 

Baby K decided he wanted to go to sleep with his hat on. Such a goofball!

Little K got a camera for Christmas this year. This is not the one he received.... this was Big K's when he was little. He just loves this one! He walks around pretending to take pictures of everything.

Little K and Baby K are waiting for Big K to come home from school.

We stopped by the furniture store to see about getting my hubby's chair fixed. They had these neat little car things that the boys LOVED!

Little K and I walked around the house all morning holding hands. He was being super sweet! I wasn't allowed to let go of his hand!

I made this adorable chick card for my hubby as part of his Valentine's / Anniversary gift. 

I was asked to make a Valentine's Day card along with a birthday card, and the recipient loves Minnie Mouse. I couldn't decided between these two cards for the Valentine's card.

This is the start of the Valentine's for Big K's class.


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