Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mamatography - Week 18 - April 29 - May 5

Mamatography for the week of April 29 through May 5

Week 18
 4/29 - Sunday
My husband had the ENTIRE weekend off!! It was so nice to actually be able to spend some time with him! As you can see, the boys really enjoyed having Daddy home with them! :)

4/30 - Monday
Technically this picture is from yesterday... but, I took it to show someone that my one lens is in great working condition.

5/1 - Tuesday
It seems I forgot to take a picture today.... I'm sure I was only busy with house work. 
We had an appraiser come over this afternoon.

5/2 - Wednesday
This is how I spend most of my days.... Little K LOVES to dump out his toys and make a big huge mess, then he goes back and cleans it up. Then, he does it all over again!

5/3 - Thursday
Happy 82nd Birthday to my grandmother!! :)
Went to the Dr this morning. Things are looking good for the baby. I'm 36 weeks today. I spent the morning getting ready for the baby... I washed some of the new clothes that my mom bought for the baby.  I forgot how tiny 0-3 months clothes are!

5/4 - Friday
Little K got this neck pillow for his 1st birthday from my grandmother. He didn't understand why it is "U" shaped. So, today, I taught him how to wear it! It was so cute!

5/5 - Saturday
The hubby had off today. It was so nice! We got some yard work done and got out of the house a little bit and walked around Lowe's looking at their outdoor stuff. Little K thought all of the birds were funny. :)
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    1. Love the photo of the boys with Daddy, so special. Looks like you had a great week, so great to catch up with you again :)

      1. Thank you! :) It was nice to be able to share my week with everyone again!

    2. For some reason I did not know you were expecting, congratulations! Very exciting times ahead!

      1. Thank you! We are looking forward to our new addition joining our family! I just wish I felt more prepared! ;)

    3. Aw your boys look so happy with their Dad! Isn't it surprising to pull those teeny tiny clothes out again! Congrats!

      1. Thank you! :) The 0-3 months are the same size as Little K's pants! It's so hard to believe my boys started out so tiny!! My boys LOVE spending time with their Dad!