Sunday, April 17, 2011

Delicious Fudge Brownies

For my Mom's annual Easter egg hunt, I was to make brownies and cupcakes. I picked up this Bite-Size Square Mold at AC Moore. I decided to use this for the brownies. I think they turned out great! I had a hard time figuring out how full to make them. They are so little it's hard to tell when they are 2/3 full. Overall, I think they turned out well. Some of them had "muffin tops" (not really sure what else to call them). This one wouldn't upload the right direction. It's just a close-up of the packaging for the mold.
My brownies were made from scratch. They were delicious and fudgey ... they were perfect! I made them after my kids went to bed, so I did everything by hand instead of using my mixer. I forgot how time consuming creaming butter by hand is! It was a great arm workout, though!
I use a recipe that I found online a few years ago... only I have changed a few things to make them taste better.
Working on mixing in my dry ingredients...
It was late when they were finished baking, and I forgot to take pictures of the finished brownies. I was planning to take a few before they were served, but I was so busy that it didn't happen. They were a big hit! :)

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